Mon bento 02 le 15 avril


180415001rx3.jpg le 15 avril 2018

C’était dimanche.  Je ne travaillais pas.  Je déjeuner dans ma chambre.

It’s Sunday.  I didn’t work.  I took my lunch in my room.



15105-064 le 18 janvier


03103013.jpg  le 3 janvier 2003

Le 18 je ne prendais pas une photo.    On the 18th I took no picture.

(雪雲、Les nuages  de neige,  Yamate Boulevard,  Shibuya ward)


08118003.jpg  le 18 janvier 2008

On transportaient les bentos par les tables roulantes pour le Shinkansen dans le passage souterrain de la gare Tokyo.

The women attendants carried the bento wagon (almost it is a walking-kiosuku) through the underground passage to the Shinkansen train.

(The Tokyo central staiton,  Chiyoda ward)

130118009cx6130118009cx6.jpg le 18 janvier 2013

Les gars parlaient avec la dame qui donnait des graines aux pigeons dans le parc.

The kids enjoyed the conversation with the woman who fed the pigeons in the park.

(中村北、Nakamurakita,  Nerima ward)


15105-063 le 17 janvier


13117007.jpg  le 17 janvier 2003

Les jardiniers se reposaient dans le Ome boulevard.

The gardners took a rest on the Ome boulevard.

(青梅街道、Ome Boulevard,  Suginami ward)


08117014.jpg  le 17 janvier 2008

Est-ce qu’il y a un miroir de route rond dans les États d’ Unis?  Je ne le voyais pas.

Is there a street trafic miror in the United States?  I’ve never seen it.

(代々木八幡、山手通り、Yoyogihachiman, Shibuya ward)


130117006rx6.jpg  le 17 janvier 2013

Les petites enfants aiment to porter la neighe avec ses mains.

Small children love to carry snow with their hands.

(豊玉北、Toyotamakita, Nerima ward)



15105-062 le 16 janvier


03116003.jpg  le 16 janvier 2003

J’étais heureux de voir ces jardinistes et de travailler avec les eux.

I were very happy to watch these gardeners and am proud of the time with them.

(青梅街道、Ome boulevard,  Amanuma,  Suginami ward)



J’espère que je revoie cette chat.  Il y a dix ans après ce temps-là.

I hope I would meet this cat again.  Ten years passed since that time.

(西荻北、NishiogiKita,  Suginami ward)

130116001cx6 130116001cx6.jpg

La neige restait dans les rues.

The snow left still in the town.

(阿佐ヶ谷駅、Asagaya Station,   Suginami ward)

15105-06 1 le 15 janvier


03115001.jpg  le 15 janvier 2003

On voiyait la réflexion sur le mur de l’immeuble.   Je ne pensais pas que je vive près d’ici.

I looked up the refletion on the wall of building.  I never imagined I would live near here.

(天沼2丁目、Amanuma,  Suginami ward)


08115017.jpg  le 15 janvier 2008

Il faisait un nettoyage aux toilettes pour dames après les travaux .

He cleared the lady’s restroom after the construction work.

(西友ストア、西荻窪、Nishiogikubo,  Suginami ward)


130115019cx6.jpg  le 15 janvier 2013

Les enfats devient les jeunes femmes et hommes qui aient les memoires le jour joyeux.

They are now yong women and men with great memories of the happy day.

(豊玉北、Toyotamakita, Nerima ward)





15105-060 Janvier 14


03114001.jpg   January 14, 2003

The job of the gardening is often a family work.

On the front tree the leader father cut branches.

On the second tree the son worked.

And on the ground the mother cleaned the pavement.

(青梅街道、上荻1丁目、Kamiogi, Suginami ward)


08114005.jpg  January 14,  2008

The railroad maintenance workers drunk these energy drink.

(上野駅バックヤード、The backyard of the Ueno Station ,  Taito ward)


130114014cx6.jpg   January 14, 2013

Only one hour snow fall changed the world.   A traffic guard who had no preparation for snow tried to run across the road.  But he could do but to keep his balance.

The winter of the 2013, we had not a few snow days.

(環七通り、豊玉北三丁目、Toyotamakita,  Nerima ward)

15105-059 January 13


03113007.jpg    January 13, 2003

I never imagined I live in Ogikubo when I had this lahmen bawl.

(丸信ラーメン、上荻1丁目、Kamiogi,  Suginami ward)


08113006.jpg    Janvier 13, 2008

Once there was a Soba noodle restaurant in the norhern Asagaya town.

They presented me a spice can as a New Year greeting goods.

(岳人、阿佐ヶ谷北2丁目、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)


130113006cx6.jpg    Janvier 13, 2013

They closed this coffee shop a few years ago.  I miss the place.

(Cobu, 阿佐谷南2丁目、Asagayaminami, Suginami ward)


15105-058 janvier 12


03112003.jpg   janvier 12 , 2003

They opened flower shop at the narrow lane beside the Yamate street.

They were young enough to be able to sit on the cold asphalt road.


08112001.jpg  January 12, 2008

They push the cart of the packs of bento which would be had by passengers on trains.

This narrow passage is under the Tokyo railroad station.

(東京駅、The Tokyo station, Chiyoda ward)


130112013g2.jpg Sunday,  January 12,  2013

The snow remained in the doorway of my old appartment house and on the roof.

Every year snow falls.  But this view was lost and I can never watch it.

(小田荘、阿佐谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)

15105-057 January 11


03111009.jpg  January 11,  2003

Fifteen years ago,  I often took a coffee and cake for lunch.  I liked this coffee shop to visit several times.

(石橋亭、天沼三丁目、Amanuma,  Suginami ward)


08111002.jpg  January 11,  2008

That year they decorated the illumination from the building beside the station.  So people walked under the illumination to the station.  It was very interesting experience, sure.

(阿佐谷南、Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)


130111003cx6.jpg   January 11, 2013

I was sitting in a bus from Koenjistation to Nerima.  The Winter was so cold,  this picture reminds me.

(高円寺北、Koenjikita, Suginami ward)