The new step

On the December 17, 2006,  I uploaded this article on the My Opera blog.

Illumination at Asagaya Sunday, December 17, 2006 3:05:04 PM

When you fly to Japan, your plane lands on the Narita airport. You may take a train or bus for Tokyo. You change your train at Tokyo or at Shinjuku and get in the Chuo-line of the JR-east. It takes about ten minutes to the Asagaya station from the Shinjuku station. When you stand on a platform of the Asagaya station, you easily find a big illumination. You walk out the station to look up this illumination. (If you could read chinese letters, you could easily check the Japanese town name) There are four coffee shops around this light tree, StarBucks, St.Marco, Coffee-can and the last one I forgot its name but I love best.


Since then,  seven years have passed and the cider in this picture is now cut the top down  and the tree beside it was broken down with a typhoon.   The view has changed so much.


This one was shot on the December 8, 2012.  The big apartment buildings were built.  The walkers in the square in front of the station lost the sky.

What view would I be able to shoot this December?

The town has changed and I am loosing the Opera community with my old blog  and the beautiful articles and photos of the fine bloger Unni.

But I keep my blog here,  in the new world, though I ‘m getting old.


8 thoughts on “The new step

    • Welcome Jill.
      I’m so happy to read your comment again here.
      Today, I had the coldest day in this November. The lowest temperature of the day is 0.9 degrees (34 degrees Fahrenheit). In Osaka it snowed. In Tokyo, we have had no snow day, but I enjoy watching the Mt.Fuji with white snow top each morning. I took a few shot of the snow Mt. Fuji which I don’t feel a kind of satisfaction enough to upload here. lolol.

  1. Hi, Adele
    In the last months of the year I always so busy not to enjoy net life every evening.
    So I say I’m sorry not writing my reply to you without delay.
    These days I have been standing by a railroad in the suburbs of Tokyo. The location is very near to the western hills of Tokyo. It’s five degrees colder than the central district of Tokyo.
    In the western hills I could find a fox only once. It was not a big one and very skinny. But then , almost at four in the afternoon of winter, I had a camera without film. I had used all of my films. So I stopped walking and only watched it. The fox watched me also with much alert. I remember it was only for a few minutes, or less minutes. It suddenly jumped in the bush. It was almost twenty years ago.
    Every day I look up the hills from my watching place beside the railroad with remembering the animals I’ve met in the mountains in my life.
    The animals in my memories are still fantastic and beautiful. The fox, a raccoon dog , flying squirrels and deers. I want to see the wild monkeys who are nomad in the western hills. There is a road, named The Wild Monkeys road, in the western district of Tokyo near the hills. A few years ago, I walked trough the road but I could only watch thousands of vehicles. Lololol.

  2. Glad to see you here, my friend. Our worlds change, faster than we do, eh? But still we stay on, treasuring old friends as long as we can, and making new ones.
    But, as the French say, the more things change, the more they remain the same … sometimes that is a comfort.
    Welcome to WordPress … I think I like it.

    • Happy New Year. Mr. derwandersmann.
      I’m so happy to read your message here again.
      I’m sorry to respond you so late because of being knocked down with influenza these two weeks. In the fever I lost my draft for this blog on the 12th January. Lol.
      I couldn’t get accustomed to the way of picture uploading of the WordPress.
      I get well again this Saturday. But the problem is under the same condition.
      Soon I ‘ll be get used to it, I hope.
      Good night.

  3. Good Sunday morning, Mr. derwandersmann.
    Thank you for your comment and very sorry to reply so lately.
    In the Tokyo district the temperature has been very low, almost zero degree.
    So after the recovery from the influenza, I’ve been caught by usual cold to go to bed early every night. I ‘ve been unable to have time to check the inter net.
    Yesterday(Saturday , Feb 8), we had a heavy snow in the half of Japan to cancel the almost of construction works. I got a off without any schedule. So I could checked it. lololol

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