Asagaya Illumination 2013



It is before 6 o’clock in the morning of the November 30.   They are working to set up the illumination.



I try to take photos of working men .   The results are unsatisfying.  I must be satisfied with this one.  



And in December the post office workers start to sell the seasonal greeting post cards in front of the station.   They say each of the post office workers are ordered to sell 10,000 cards in a month.   In many districts, the population around a Post Office are so small of them to sell ten thousands cards out.   Not a few post men must buy the rest of the sale.   If one fails to sell out,  his salary should not be up.  I say they are Post Office slaves.

Some poor and clever men get an idea to buy ten thousands cards at first and soon to sell them all to the ticket discount shops in big towns.   Post office workers pay 500, 000 yen and get 400,000 yen.  The discount tickets shops sell those at 450 yens per ten cards.   Those post office workers save the time to selling cards around in this cold cold season.    

We live in the era of mobile phone and inter net  mail.  But the bureaucracy of the Post Office want to get millions of money  with keeping the anachronistic greeting tradition with post cards of the Japan Post Office company.  A Japanese Bob Dylan should sing “The tragedy of the Japanese Post man.”



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