Old Opera Blog #2: Nikon Salon in Shinjuku 2008


It was almost six years ago.  But the Nikon Salon is now still there, in the L-Tower building.

I visited there for the pictures of Steven Lee.  

I wrote: 08209022.jpg   I look for the persons who have something with the exhibition, but the young woman of Nikon Plaza tells the persons seldom come.  So I can’t take their pictures.


08209023.jpg      The exhibition is very good. I enjoy all of pictures. Next Sunday I will go there again. 
I meet a young one who takes bird eye pictures of the town with the DRD2.  I give him the information that Steven has the same camera.  he is interested in the Steven’s pictures.  He may visit to Steven’s site.


08209024.jpg    One can walk to the L-tower through the pedestrian deck from the Shinjuku station without being disturbed by cars.  Before it, there is a PC and Camera shop, Big Camera. 


08209027.jpg    I get a table of a tea room of the Odakyu department store from where I can take the pictures of L-Tower and the Corn-Tower which is now under the construction.

Six years is long time enough to change for old men like me.  The famous camera brand ceased to manufacture their products.  The two of my PCs stopped working.  The saddest thing is that many acquaintances passed away.  And now in Japan an ultra fascist captures the government which is supported with the ordinary people.  



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