Old Opera blog #3 February 9 2008

I uploaded two photos with the title” Moi et Caplios” and ” gateau de poire”

Saturday, February 9, 2008 9:31:53 AM

My name is Hisamitsu Endoh. In L.A. they call me Sam.
My E-mail adress is hisamtrois@@cat.email.ne.jp
If you give me a E-mail, please change @@ to only @.


As usual, I order a piece of tea cake with pear, of course.

And the first comment came from Norway.
Geir Johan Ellingsen # Saturday, May 7, 20116:29:53PM
Is it the view from the cafe?
Sam Hisamitsu endoh # Saturday, May 7, 2011 10:36:30PM
Good morning, Geir san.
Yes, Iwas in a cafe of a big department store at Shinjuku.
The building in the center is named « Corn Tower ». It's an art school building.

Geir is Unni's hasband.



I want to add new more photos, but the protocol of adding the pictures of the WordPress is a little too heavy.

I got tired it.  So tonight, I give it up.




3 thoughts on “Old Opera blog #3 February 9 2008

  1. Seems to be no “Edit” provision in this Theme, Sam, so I write another comment:
    You had me going for a while with that “Caplios” word. It took me a while to find out that it’s an older Ricoh brand of digital camera.
    Joke is on me!

  2. Yes, the Caplios product series was given it up with the Ricoh. I need a new camera.
    I loved the cameras of Minolta. But they gave it up to make cameras. The workers went to the Sonny and the Panasonic. So I’ve used the products of the Ricoh. The price was reasonable and the best usable one. Especially, for the user in Japan, the after-service is the best in the earth! Sonny and Panasonic, or Canon or Olympus are all famous with their worst after-service. I miss the Caplios brand cameras. But the company must purchase the profit, I admit.
    In the world of capitalism, the best things is not the best goods for a company, I admit. I must bare the lost of Opera community soon.
    I always keep to find to get the better one.
    My next choice would be the Sony or the Nikon. I know well the risk of Sonny Timer. (The first half a year is very good, but after one year, it ‘ll have a hard trouble without fail, and the Sonny would insist it’s the fault of the user and that Sonny product have no product problem. Thus the user should buy a new one or the others company’s camera. ) I want to believe the ex-Minolta workers in the Sonny company who have a spirits of worker who could create the genuine goods. Lolol…..

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