The first snow in the year and the birds

140204029cx6 140204029cx6.jpg snow day The first snow in this year falls on February 4. The train watch guard can’t see the nearest crossing in about a thousand feet. 140204030cx6 140204030cx6.jpg falling cold snow It’s almost four o’clock in the afternoon when usually birds are very busy to have their meals before the night. But no bird is seen around me in the fields and the railroad.140201036cx6

140201036cx6.jpg A thrush
I always watch a train coming at my standing post.  I can look through to the two crossings in the distance of about three hundred meters (about a thousand feet).
 I can watch various birds in this area. The one who comes nearest to me is this thrush. He and his partner are always looking for worms among the dead weeds on the dike or the fields.

140130004cx6.jpg the dance of the couple of thrush
One morning, a couple of thrush are dancing on the railroad.
But their dancing is disturbed with a shriek which is smaller than them.

140131029cx6.jpg a small but strong shriek
The shriek is not so big as the thrush. It always perches on the electric wire of train. When it find worms or insects or small reptile, it flys down to catch victims. If the food is small, it returns soon to the wire and to watch the bush of dead weeds. 
When the shriek find thrushes skipping on the railroad to look for their food, it flys to the bigger bird with much speed and with a big shrieking. And the piece lover thrush flies away for a top of tree.