Start again with my old post cards


She asked me what picture I was taking. 
I said to her, “You. The pretty girl.” 
She cried and laughed.
I took this photo in the late of 1980s. 
Almost thirty years have passed. 
Now she might have her daughter as old as she was. 
I didn't print the pictures soon. I kept those films for a year.
 After a year, I chose pictures to make my original post cards.
 I forgot those post cards these two decades. 
This June I had to remove and found my good old days. 
I start my blog again with these postcards.   

2 thoughts on “Start again with my old post cards

  1. Thank you for your smart comment.
    It’s happy to choose a picture among hundreds pictures and about a hundred post cards.
    Today I forgot having my camera with me, I used mobile phone camera. After coming home
    I found I hadn’t gotten the USB cable for connecting the phone and PC. lol.

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