Kaki fruits for birds

The farmer says, “We needn’t these fruits. So all of kakis are for birds.”
I tasted one, it’s so sweet.
Many kind of bird like this fruit. Especially bulbuls love this one very much.


4 thoughts on “Kaki fruits for birds

  1. Ah, Sam … I had never heard of “kaki” fruit, so I had to look them up … we call them “persimmons”, and they used to be much more popular than they are now. The early settlers, and the backwoodsmen, to this day, mostly use them for making beer, and, presumably, stronger drinks. I haven’t seen any for years.
    LOL … perhaps you could make a sort of kaki wine or beer out of them, yourself? You might start a new business!

  2. Oh, I wish I could taste the made-in-Japan Kaki wine. I never heard the Kaki wine. Almost of Japanese eat raw fruit of kaki and dry one as one of sweets. We use Shochu wine to remove the astringency from the astringent kaki to make dried kaki which is sweeter than raw sweet one.
    Last month the kaki-tree owner farmer said to me , ” I have two kind of Kaki tree fields. I think it’s interesting that the sweet kaki are abundant this year, but astringent kaki are poor. Last year, sweet one poor and astringent one abundant. There has been no year the both were poor or abundant together. It’s interesting, isn’t it?”

    Japanese used to make paper umbrella or rain coat taned with astringent kaki juice.
    Now astringent kaki soap is very popular among the Japanese old men as a soap which can remove the smell of old men.
    I use it, either. LOLOL

    • Don’t women use the soap, too? I would think it might be acceptable (and perhaps a good idea) for both to use such a useful soap.

      We have enjoyed persimmon pudding. I love the beautiful fruit.

      Lovely picture, Sam!

  3. Hi, Jill
    I’m happy to read your comment again.
    The soap is targeted for the middle aged and old men who are claimed from his family. ” You smells bad as an aged people.” ”Papa, you smells deadly like dead. Mom, please wash my clothes with papa’s underwear. “ Etc, etc,.
    The Japanese men have little habit of using perfume. So, the men over thirty years old begin to use anti-smell soap. I don’t know the women who are using kaki-tannin soap. They put on the strong perfume every day. lol.

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