My old post cards days 2 @Zenpukuji Pond


According to my memo note, it was Ocotber 16, 1988.  I walked up along the Zenpukuji river from Asagaya to Zenpukuji pond.  I used ISO 3200 film with α 9000 with 50 mm lens (the only lens I had then. )  I had no habit to use flash.   It was cloudy and the time was near five o’clock.

I found a cat on a bench.  The slow auto focus system can not hit the cat steadily.  And then a girl appeared to touch him.    After this shot,  I changed the shatter button mode to response to the shatter releasing without delay.

Today I find the views of the same park in the pictures of the blog of my friend who lives near this pond.


3 thoughts on “My old post cards days 2 @Zenpukuji Pond

  1. A very nice picture, Sam-san. Not the same little girl, but pretty nonetheless. And the cat is a nice touch.
    Does the mother have her hair done up in those tight, tiny braids called “dreadlocks”? I had no idea the fashion had gone as far as Japan.

  2. Good morning der Wandersman san,
    I have a very little knowledge about the women fashion, too. I remember some young women or girls who loved rock’n roll music colored their hair partially those days. I think the big particles of ISO 3200 film could make poor expression of black long hair in the limited light of the early breezing evening on the cloudy day to give us the look of dreadlocks hair in braids. lol
    (This poor expression would make me leave from printed postcards two years after and change the way to stick the prints on the postcards.)

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