My old postcards days 4: A free market at the Shiodome freight yard



This ex-freight train yard was located at the old Tokyo central terminal station, the Shinbashi station where the history of the train transportation began in Japan.  After the construction of the Tokyo station, it turned to the freight train station and was changed the name, the Shiodome station.

In the 1980s,  the station disappeared and the yard was sold.  When I visited there, the rails had already been removed and a free market was held.

Now here lots of skyscrapers stand and I can’t find no trace of the old view.

The golden days of freight train were gone.  Yesterday, I stood at the train watch guard post between the Mejiro station and the Takdanobaba station for the Yamate Kamotsu line ( kamotsu = freight train or car train) which is used now for both the passenger train and freight train.  But I could only one freight train during the day.  I love watching the long freight train coming and going so much.


3 thoughts on “My old postcards days 4: A free market at the Shiodome freight yard

    • Good morning, Rania.
      I didn’t talk with her. The reasons why they sell goods at free market are various, I think. She had a good car, put on not so cheap wears. May be she had her own shop and came here to sell goods with discount prices.
      I happened to visit there to take pictures. Only I remember that I had found the free market at the ex-freight train yard when I took the monorail car for an exhibition. The exhibition was not so interesting that I gave it up soon to go to the free market.

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