Décoration pour une nouvelle année


After the three days of sleeping in my bed owing to the bloody bad cold, I go out to find the concierge company setting the New Year decoration at the gate of the apartment house. The green needles like leaves of pine tree is the symbol of “forever green” and white ritual paper is the charm for evil spirits and diseases.

May all you and I have a beautiful year and could I write my greeting message to all of you in the end of the 2015!

(天沼3丁目、Amanuma, Suginami ward)
p.s. Ama-numa means Heaven-swamp. Ha,ha,ha…I have lived already in the Heaven!


My old postcard days 6: concrete mixer and a girl


A mixer car operator was washing the inside of his tank. From the place I was standing, and from the road the girl walking, the head of the man looked lost.
After then, whenever I saw the concrete mixer running through streets, I reminded the song,
“The ghost rider in the sky.” Yes I’m a hottest fan of Johnny Cash.

I love every singers who play this song, The Blues Brothers, Willie Nelson,Debbie Harry,Sha Na Na, Frankie Laine, The Shadows, The Scorpions, Duane Eddy,Roy Clark, Raphael, Tom Jones, Ramrods, Elvis,…..
Oh, I remember Leroy Troy who sings Ghost chickens in the sky. lolol

(市ヶ谷八幡下、the foot of the Ichigaya Hachiman Shrine,Shinjuku ward)

Flowers salesgirl


I am so cold that I miss the hotness of this summer. lol
And after the article of tomb salesgirls, I need to warm my heart up.
So I am going to upload a girl of the flower shop in Ogikubo, my new town.
For the tomb salesgirls, I smell the smell of death and con game with a kind of bad health of mind. I feel this working young girl only the healthy sweat and green plants.

Tomb salesgirls


Sugamo is the most popular town for old women. They call Sugamo is a Harajuku for old women.
Harajuku is the most popular town for girls in Tokyo.
Whenever I walk into this town, there are lots of aged women gathering to see the old people with her old friends. If her husband survives, he walks behind the old sweetheart, but the number of old men are relatively few. All of the shops are for the aged people. Clothes, foods, sweets and restaurants. My purpose to visit there is to visit to the Japanese sweets cafés.
Recently I often see the girls with tricycles with a big signboard. The salesgirls speaks softly to old women. What do they want to sale? Tomb and tomb stones.
Old women have much money and much time to listen to the explanations of young girls. They have lots of time to be killed.
I don’t know if the girls succeeded or not.