Tomb salesgirls


Sugamo is the most popular town for old women. They call Sugamo is a Harajuku for old women.
Harajuku is the most popular town for girls in Tokyo.
Whenever I walk into this town, there are lots of aged women gathering to see the old people with her old friends. If her husband survives, he walks behind the old sweetheart, but the number of old men are relatively few. All of the shops are for the aged people. Clothes, foods, sweets and restaurants. My purpose to visit there is to visit to the Japanese sweets cafés.
Recently I often see the girls with tricycles with a big signboard. The salesgirls speaks softly to old women. What do they want to sale? Tomb and tomb stones.
Old women have much money and much time to listen to the explanations of young girls. They have lots of time to be killed.
I don’t know if the girls succeeded or not.


2 thoughts on “Tomb salesgirls

    • Thank you for your comment, DerWanderman san.
      This year, I am uploading more diligently.
      I have a Japanese blog about the mystery fiction with a name, Mysterydancer. I was shocked to see there had been no new article since the December 27 of 2013 so that I hastily wrote and uploaded new article at 23:40 December 31. lolol

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