The protector shrine of my new home town


In the Japanese archipelago live there eighty million gods. The average territory of a god is about 5 hectares. But the number of shrines are only about 85000. The average territory is about 500 hectares. ( It takes to about 20 minutes walk between the center and the border. I think the size is as same as the size of one town.) So gods of shrine owner are 85000. Almost of the owners of a shrine are a couple of goddess and god. Sometimes a goddess and a goddess, and sometimes a god and a god. Now the host gods receive not a few guest gods in their shrine. Some gods are shrine-less gods. The number of shrine-less gods may be far more than the shrine owner and guest gods. All of gods live as only a protector of the town or area where human being lives. So Japanese can enjoy Christmas Eve ( only Christmas Eve) and can pray their wishes in shrine and can have their tomb in the temple.Recently they have started enjoying the Celtic Halloween parade and party. lol.
I moved into Amanuma in the last June. So this new year is the first new year to greet the protector. Like a greeting with the neighbor, I visit the shrine with a coin of a hundred yen. It’s very good cost-performance to make a good relation with someone with one coin of 100 yen, isn’t it?


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