A Bonfire in a Shrine


This bonfire in the shrine is for burning the old protective charms and talismans which shelf life is only one year.  Those talismans are so dirty  with evil powers after driving out the calamities for a year.

I’ll explain the powers of local gods.  Those gods have powers to drive off the other  evil spirits powers against believer and to transfer the bad energy to the talisman goods.  The goods would be contaminated with bad energy like radioactivity.  Japanese gods and goddesses are good merchants.  They wouldn’t give to the believers the goods keeping protective power for over one year.  If human keeps the goods over one year, the dirty energy on the goods would start effecting badly to the owners. The man or woman can only burn the goods with the source of evilness in the shrine where they got them.  And the believers freshly buy the new talisman goods. It’s a great business for gods, isn’t it?

But people believes : the believers would be saved without fail.  And also visit I a shrine in the new year week.  I can’t afford the goods.  So I only pray for myself to spend my life without any calamity for one year….or more if possible.

And I donate one coin.  The value of the coin would change as mach as I have in my pocket.  One year 5 hundred yen and the other year only 5 yen.  The gods can’t refuse to accept my donation.  If they once accept my coin, they must protect me for one year. It’s the rule between gods and human , haha.



2 thoughts on “A Bonfire in a Shrine

    • Japanese gods, the number of them in these islands counts over 8000000.
      It’s so many that they need to appeal to the dwellers.
      The new movement is for stray cats. When ones miss their cats, go and pray that the cat would come back to them. After the visiting to the shrine, some of missing cats returned to home!
      In the 17th century, during the invasion of Japanese to the Korean peninsula, a feudal lord took several cats with their soldiers. They started battles on time with using the cats eyes for clock. During the invasion, some of those cats died and others came home with soldiers. The lord missed the dead cats to built a shrine for them.

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