Bento 2016-oo1


Bento 01 ; 13 janvier 2016.

Je me mets .à faire le casse-croûte.  Le ris complet, la omelette, un saumon grillé et le brocoli.  Ce brocoli est cuisiné pendant deux minutes par cuisinière électrique.

I start to make my box lunch.  Brown rice,  rolled omelet,  grilled salmon and broccoli.  I microwave broccoli two minutes.


3 thoughts on “Bento 2016-oo1

    • Good evening, Rania san.
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      Last year, from July to September I have had a banana as a lunch. I lost 2 kg. And I had had an apple since October. I succeeded to lose my weight more three kilogram with a little fatigue. I thought this fatigue came from a kind of malnutrition. So I make up my mind to cook a box lunch with very little salt.

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