15105-060 Janvier 14


03114001.jpg   January 14, 2003

The job of the gardening is often a family work.

On the front tree the leader father cut branches.

On the second tree the son worked.

And on the ground the mother cleaned the pavement.

(青梅街道、上荻1丁目、Kamiogi, Suginami ward)


08114005.jpg  January 14,  2008

The railroad maintenance workers drunk these energy drink.

(上野駅バックヤード、The backyard of the Ueno Station ,  Taito ward)


130114014cx6.jpg   January 14, 2013

Only one hour snow fall changed the world.   A traffic guard who had no preparation for snow tried to run across the road.  But he could do but to keep his balance.

The winter of the 2013, we had not a few snow days.

(環七通り、豊玉北三丁目、Toyotamakita,  Nerima ward)


15105-059 January 13


03113007.jpg    January 13, 2003

I never imagined I live in Ogikubo when I had this lahmen bawl.

(丸信ラーメン、上荻1丁目、Kamiogi,  Suginami ward)


08113006.jpg    Janvier 13, 2008

Once there was a Soba noodle restaurant in the norhern Asagaya town.

They presented me a spice can as a New Year greeting goods.

(岳人、阿佐ヶ谷北2丁目、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)


130113006cx6.jpg    Janvier 13, 2013

They closed this coffee shop a few years ago.  I miss the place.

(Cobu, 阿佐谷南2丁目、Asagayaminami, Suginami ward)


15105-058 janvier 12


03112003.jpg   janvier 12 , 2003

They opened flower shop at the narrow lane beside the Yamate street.

They were young enough to be able to sit on the cold asphalt road.


08112001.jpg  January 12, 2008

They push the cart of the packs of bento which would be had by passengers on trains.

This narrow passage is under the Tokyo railroad station.

(東京駅、The Tokyo station, Chiyoda ward)


130112013g2.jpg Sunday,  January 12,  2013

The snow remained in the doorway of my old appartment house and on the roof.

Every year snow falls.  But this view was lost and I can never watch it.

(小田荘、阿佐谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)

15105-057 January 11


03111009.jpg  January 11,  2003

Fifteen years ago,  I often took a coffee and cake for lunch.  I liked this coffee shop to visit several times.

(石橋亭、天沼三丁目、Amanuma,  Suginami ward)


08111002.jpg  January 11,  2008

That year they decorated the illumination from the building beside the station.  So people walked under the illumination to the station.  It was very interesting experience, sure.

(阿佐谷南、Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)


130111003cx6.jpg   January 11, 2013

I was sitting in a bus from Koenjistation to Nerima.  The Winter was so cold,  this picture reminds me.

(高円寺北、Koenjikita, Suginami ward)

15105-056 January 10


03110002.jpg   January 10,  2003

I loved a dish of curry and rice with pork cutlet.   Whenever I found the name on a menu book,  I couldn’t stop ordering it.  In the September in 2012,  I downed with my stomach.  After the recovery I couldn’t order this strong hot dish.   Now I can have it,  but I have several dish a year.

(Junon, 上荻1丁目、 Kamiogi,  Suginami ward)


08110016.jpg  January 10,  2008

At the Shibuya Second-hand books center,  I got two books.

“American Police car handbooks”

“I lived for a month with only McDonald food.”

I visited there only once and I don’t know where it was.

(渋谷古書センター、Shibuya,  Shibuya ward)


130110001cx6.jpg  January 10,  2013

In the cold morning people went to the Koenji station for their office or school.

(高円寺駅北口、 Koenjikita,  Suginami ward)


15105-055 January 9


03109007.jpg  January 9,  2003

If a few gardeners work on the tree,  others should work on the ground to sweep the cut branches.

(中杉通、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)


08109019.jpg   January 9,  2008

This narrow lane is named “The Drunker Lane.”

But in the morning the lane changes “The school girls lane”.  The police control here not to enter any vehicle from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m..  Only girls and cats walk through .

The evening view of the lane is here.

(Shiubya, Shibuya ward)


130109003cx6.jpg  January 9,  2013

She is a daughter of concrete pomp truck driver.  The owner said, “Don’t worry.  She is smart and well-behaved.”  I asked him, ” Do you take a walk with her?”  “Yes,  I did early in the morning and in the midway to home,  somewhere like a riverside field we would ran together.”

He told me her name,  but now I forget it.

(豊玉北3丁目、Toyotamakita,   Nerima ward)

15105-054 January 8


03108001.jpg   January 8,  2003

I bought this Vaio in March 1998.  So I had used five years.


08108001.jpg  January 8,  2008

The chashuu (roast pork) rahmen of the Ron (龍 dragon) is very very good and the price is expensive, 900 yen.

(龍、Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)


130108001cx6.jpg  January 8,  2013

The winter of 2012-2013 was very cold,  I remember.

The Summer of 2012 was very hot.  So I had kept taking hot and salty meals during the Summer to break my stomach.  But I could push up sixty times and jog thirty minutes in the Summer.   And this January I was in the mid of recovery.  But I could push up only three times and jog only five minutes.


15105-053 January 7


03107001.jpg   January 7,  2003

They use this old bill as a sort of screen on their back door which they  closed normally.

I bought three Victorinox travelers knives in this Shinkai cutlery  store for three decades.

(しんかい刃物店、阿佐谷南、Asagayaminami, Suginami ward)


08107031.jpg  January 7,  2008

The rahmen of the Ron (龍 dragon) is very good and the price is not expensive, only 600 yen.  When I lived in Asagaya,  I visited there a few times a month,  but now, once a month.

(龍、阿佐ヶ谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)


130107010cx6.jpg  January 7,  2013

I was waiting the train for Asagaya in the evening on a platform of the Koenji railroad station.  I don’t use smart phone  because of the short batteries.  I charge the batteries of my old type mobile phone once a week.  But many people around me use the smart phone.  They don’t like being asked how much they should pay to the telephone company.

(高円寺駅、The Koenji station,  Suginami ward)



15105-052 January 6


03106007.jpg   January 6,  2003

I already uploaded this coffee shop, Esweil.  I visited there again in the New Years holidays.

(Esweil,  神田、Kanda,  Chiyoda ward)


08107014.jpg   January 7,  2008

The picture of the previous day was only tube light in my room.

And the day, the first Sunday of the 2008,  I couldn’t take a picture.

I think I slept all through the Sunday.  So I picked up a photo of a old coffee shop in Koenji,  next town of Asagaya.  The customers but me were very young.

Charles Aznavour Yesterday when I was young

(七ツ森、高円寺南、Koenjiminai, Suginami ward)


130106001g2.jpg   January 6,  2013

I don’t use sugar in my cooking.   When I want to the sweetness , I use Sake or wine.

I had added no sugar in coffee or tea,  but since this winter I ‘ve had sugar with it,  owing to the stomach problem.  My doctor give me remedy for removing Helicobacter pylori with an advice I should take a little sugar with coffee of tea.

This new years meal is called Zoni (soup with many kind of vegetables and meat with rice cake.)  A hundred of family have their hundred kind of zoni soups.  This is a bowl my mother had cooked.




15105-051 January 5


03105009.jpg  January 5,  2003

After a job,  I was at a off-line meeting with the members of Asahi net which requires the true name.

(新宿、Shinjuku,  Shinjuku ward)


08104009.jpg  January 5,  2008

Perhaps,  I caught a cold this day.   So, I took a picture above my head.

(阿佐谷北2丁目、Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)


130105007cx6.jpg   January 5,  2013

A boy and his mother tried to fly a kite.

(善福寺川緑地公園、Zenpukuji river side park,  Naritanishi, Suginami ward)