15105-025 December 10


02c10005.jpg  December 10,  2002

Who made it?  I think one of neighbor kids did it.

(Yoyogi,  Shibuya ward)


07c10001.jpg  December 10,  2012

Thousands of people walked over the fallen leaves to break into powders.

(西荻北、Nishiogikita,  Suginami ward)


121210008cx6.jpg   December 10,  2012

This Katsu-don (fried pork cutlet on rice) was my favorite bowl of this Soba-noodle restaurant.  But the place,  can’t I find half a year ago.   I found the door of the restaurant without Noren ( open sign clothe curtain).  I was a little sure it might be the place.

(豊玉北、Toyotamakita, Nerima ward)


15105-024 December 9


02c09010.jpg  December 9,  2002

A neighbor set umbrellas over the street cats shelter.

(Tomigaya,  Shibuya ward)


07c08002.jpg   December 8,  2007

The December 8 in 2007 was Sunday when I  stayed in my room all day long without taking a picture.

The Saturday I worked at the railroad bridge earthquake-proof construction site near the Nishiogikubo  station.

(松庵、Shoan,  Suginami ward)


121209004cx6.jpg   December 9,  2012

The Moss Hamburger Chain is more expensive and better than the McDonald chain.

They invented rice burger.  This is Kaku-ni rice burger.  Kaku-ni is a Chinese cooking menu,  the boiled thick pork meat.  They wouldn’t enter in  the price down hamburger war which the McDonald fired firstly.  They kept the quality to get good profits at last.  Lots of client left the McDonald owing to the Chinese food materials in the McDonald burgers.

I seldom use the McDonald because of the worst taste of the coffee.  And I prefer the Burger King to the McDonald.  The reason is The King’s burger is bigger than the McDonald.  haha.  Thirty years ago I firstly had a Big Mac.  It was shocking experience.  I loved it for two decades.  I think they made it with less quality at some time after the success in Japan.    I was shocked to see the smaller size of cheese in their cheese burger a few years before.  Why they keep the quality of the burgers?  Our glorious image for the McDonald and the U.S.A is Big!  The smaller size one is not an American hamburger, isn’t it?


Laver dish


171031030rx2.jpg   October 31, 2017   3 dollars breakfast.

This is the 3 dollars breakfast in the restaurant of the Shinkansen Train Tokyo base.

Steam rice,  pickles,  fried two eggs and ham with cabbage and a cup of miso soup.

The four dried laver (Nori) sheets with soy sauce.  It’s very high cost performance.

But I prefer another 2 dollars menu.   Steam rice,  pickles, a cup of miso soup and a cup of Natto( fermented soy beans) and a small dish of one fried egg  with cabbage.


171023086rx2.jpg   October 23, 2017  3 dollar Nori (dried laver ) bento meal.


171031073rx2.jpg   October 31,  2017  Halloween special Nori (dired laver) bento

The price was 11 dollars.  Can you see the monster face in the laver?

The taste was of course great and it’s funny.


171014052rx2.jpg   October 14,  2017  Big Nori ( dried laver) roll.

The price was about 4 dollars,  I can’t remember exactly.  I got it at a supermarket.


171102049rx2.jpg  November 2,  2017  Nori ( dried laver) topping on a bowl of chachoo ramen.

You can estimate the largeness of the bowl.  The chopsticks are 8 inches long.

The restaurant’s name is 龍(Ron means Dragon)which I love best in Asagaya.

The chachoo ( roasted and boiled pork) is very good.

The dried laver sheet was invented in the middle of Yedo era.

Recently Korean seasoned the dried laver sheet and it becomes very popular in Japan.

But I don’t like it.  The plain Nori is the best for these cooking, I think.





15105-023 December 8


02c09001.jpg  December 9, 2002

I have no picture of the December 8, 2002 because of being in bed owing to the bad cold.


07c08005.jpg  December 8,  2007

I was in a sweets cafe in Nishiogi.  On the wall in my back they exhibited a ranking list of Smo-wrestlers.   And I was waiting my order.   If my memory is correct,  I ordered a pair of baked rice cake rolled in laver.

(Nishiogikita、 Suginami ward)


121208008cx6.jpg  December 8,  2012

I often order a menu which I don’t know and can’t imagine what it is.

I read “Red beans soup lunch”.   And the result was what you see now.

I believe what they can serve is what you can eat.

The taste was new but not bad.  haha

(三番町、 Sanbancho, Chiyoda ward)



15105-022 December 7


02c07015.jpg  December 7,  2002

I worked at Gotanda several times. But the first time,  this December 7 was miserable.   The memory is bitter, still.    But I don’t hate this town and the station.

(The Gotanda station,  Shinagawa ward)


07c07008.jpg   December 7,  2007.

I like the narrow way from Koenji to Asagaya.  The road was, once,  a long and winding stream, Momozono gawa (Peach Garden brook).   I don’t know when it turned to the road.   Now they can’t drive it through,  only pedestrians can enjoy walking.  Not so rich people live along the road.  And lots of cats live there.

(高円寺南、Koenjiminami,  Suginami ward)


121207003cx6.jpg  December 7,  2012

It was so cold day,  I remember.  And the school girls wore short skirt with naked legs.  They felt cold sure,  because they stood in the Sun light.

(阿佐ヶ谷駅、Asagaya station,  Suginami ward)


15105-021 December 6


02c6013jpg   December 6,  2002

I picked up a leaf of ginko tree with a small cocoon on the Yamate boulevard.

(富ヶ谷、Tomigaya,  Shibuya ward)


07c06001.jpg   December 6,  2007

Men were waiting the morning gathering.   The site was a dancing school.  There were big mirrors on the wall.

(高円寺南、Koenjiminami,  Suginami ward)



121206014cx6.jpg   December 6,  2012

The bridge of the shape of sail masts is Hamaji-bashi bridge crossing over the Takahama canal.  I liked strolling around there.

(港南3丁目、Konan,  Minato ward)


15105-020 December 5


02c05008.jpg  December 5, 2002

I bought my first mobile phone.   As a few had it those days,  my company paid me only five hundred yen for a compensation a month.   Now everybody has it.  So this one-coin is not paid.

One day in a site, a supervisor asked me to use my phone because that his company had stopped to lend their men mobile phones and he couldn’t order the urgent material.  I passed my pink portable phone…. After a few months,  one Sunday evening the news announced his company bankrupted.  The next morning,  I went to the site and asked him if the work would be continued or not.  He cried me, ” You joke me!” and asked me to use my phone again to telephone to his company.   After half an hour he said, “Thank you for your phone and we are off today,  but I will sign on full day slip of today. ….Tomorrow …I don’t know it but provably no work.  I’ll telephone about it to your company later. ”


07c05018.jpg   December 5, 2007

I watched the Christmas and New Year illumination of the front square of the Asagaya railroad Station from the platform.

(Asagaya,  Suginami ward)


121205014cx6.jpg  December 5,  2012

This pedestrian bridge over railroad was famous for being described in the famous Japanese novel of Osamu Dazai.  It might be reconstructed , I think, at the same place of the old one.  But it looked very old,  so old that one would remind the days of 1950s.

(三鷹駅、Mitaka station,  Mitaka city ,  Tokyo)


15105-019 December 04


02c04001.jpg  December 4,  2002

Paseri is a queen of her kingdom,  and he is a king of his street which was next to the Paseri Kingdom.

(アルタ、Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)


07c04009.jpg  December 4,  2007

I was standing in the earthquake-proof construction site for railroad bridge.  The government and the railroad company might  believe the big earthquake would come soon, those days.  it was a most dusty site in which  I’ve worked.

(Nishiogikubo,  Suginami ward)


121204021cx6.jpg  December 4,  2012

A blue heron watched the Takahama canal.

(Konan,  Minato ward)



15105-018 December 3


02c03022.jpg   December 3, 2002.

This is the best Japanese style Indian curry and rice with boiled egg.  I write ” is”.

The name of the restaurant is Murugi.  ( Murugi is chiken in Hindi).

And not a few always confuses  this plate with the famous Murugi lunch of the Nair which an Indian opened in 1949.   Can I say the Murugi lunch is a genuine Indian plate?

No, Mr. Nair joined the two Indian plates on one dish.  Yes,  he thought Japanese would love to eat chicken curry dish with steam rice in one plate.  That’s the Japanese style curry and rice.  Japanese named ” karii-raisu” or “Raisu-Karii”.    I like the plate of Nair, but love the Curry and Rice with boiled egg.  There is other good curry and rice plate in Shinjuku.  In the future I will make an article about it.


07c03009.jpg  December 3,  2007.

A fallen leave on the street in front of a high-school bus for the golf club to which a famous high-school student professional golfers was belong.  Ten years ago he was a genius player and now he is one of good Japanese players in Japan,  not in the U.S.A.

Waooo,  I want to listen Bruce singing Glory Days!

(Koenjiminami,  Suginami ward)


121203006cx6.jpg   December 3,  2012

After using it,  flow water, please.

One more step forward…..????  Someone added “fifty steps more”

The first joker rewrote one to five ( 一  to  五) at the left.

The second copymonkey rewrote it at the right.

And the last boy added ten (十)at the left.

Last Saturday I checked the place to find no addition.  The sweeper worked.

(The base of the Shinkansen,  Yachio,  Shinagawa ward)



15105-017 December 2


02b29022.jpg   November 29 , 2002

In the end of the 2002,  the SD card price was very expensive and the capacity was very small.  The smallest and oldest card of my stock is only 16 MB.  Now I use 16 GB usually.

A t first I used only one card again and again.  Sometimes the card broke and forced me to purchase the new one.  One day I realized the card was a film and I should be better not to reuse it to lessen the probability to be broken.  So occasionally I didn’t have no time to go to the camera shop to get it for several days.  The December 1 and 2 of the 2002 were such days.  I’ve no data of the days.

The photo of working at the underground road construction site was taken on the November 29.

(富ヶ谷、Tomigaya,  Shibuya ward)


07b28014.jpg  November 28,  2007

In 2007, the no file day occurred again.  I’m forced to use the shot of the November 28.

This old girl slept on the sitting mat in a Tonkatsu restaurant.  The family of the restaurant owner lived with her for fifteen years.  I visited there only two times.  At the second times  she slept at the same place.

(とんかつ田村、Koenjiminami,  Suginami ward)


121204009cx6.jpg   December 4,  2012

Never two without three…haha.   The December 4 is the peculliar day.

I used this photo as the New Year greeting card of the 2013.

(港南、Konan,  Minato ward)