Bento 2016-002



14 Janvier 2016

le riz cantonnais (riz complet, œuf, poireau), la cuison du cylindre de pâte de poisson avec d’oignon,  brocoli cuit par la cuisinière électrique.

Fried rice( brown rice, egg, scallion),  boiled processed fish paste with onion, broccoli cooked with microwave..



Two dressed persons( may be men) checked goods at a shop in the second hand market in the shrine Hanazono (=Flower Garden). There is 2-chome town , in the near, which is famous with the gay people.

Les deux personne (peut-être male)a sélectioné des articles dans un magasin d’article d’occasion dans le sanctuaire shinto Hanazono( fleur-jardin).   Il y a un quartier 2-Chome près d’ici où les gays  ont des magasins.

(花園神社、Shinjuku,  Shinjuku ward)



Bento 2016-oo1


Bento 01 ; 13 janvier 2016.

Je me mets .à faire le casse-croûte.  Le ris complet, la omelette, un saumon grillé et le brocoli.  Ce brocoli est cuisiné pendant deux minutes par cuisinière électrique.

I start to make my box lunch.  Brown rice,  rolled omelet,  grilled salmon and broccoli.  I microwave broccoli two minutes.

Should I take, shouldn’t I take….that’s the problem.


Japanese have New Year Days cooking in the New Year week.
As for me, there’s a serious problem about my over-weight control.
So I only make a bowl of Zouni( soup with baked rice cake).
At twenty years old, my weight was only 58kg.
At sixty five, it is now over 109kg.
One kilogram per each year I’ve gotten.
It’s so so so so dangerous…my doctor always says….
But today at the first lunch of this year, I ate three bowls…

The protector shrine of my new home town


In the Japanese archipelago live there eighty million gods. The average territory of a god is about 5 hectares. But the number of shrines are only about 85000. The average territory is about 500 hectares. ( It takes to about 20 minutes walk between the center and the border. I think the size is as same as the size of one town.) So gods of shrine owner are 85000. Almost of the owners of a shrine are a couple of goddess and god. Sometimes a goddess and a goddess, and sometimes a god and a god. Now the host gods receive not a few guest gods in their shrine. Some gods are shrine-less gods. The number of shrine-less gods may be far more than the shrine owner and guest gods. All of gods live as only a protector of the town or area where human being lives. So Japanese can enjoy Christmas Eve ( only Christmas Eve) and can pray their wishes in shrine and can have their tomb in the temple.Recently they have started enjoying the Celtic Halloween parade and party. lol.
I moved into Amanuma in the last June. So this new year is the first new year to greet the protector. Like a greeting with the neighbor, I visit the shrine with a coin of a hundred yen. It’s very good cost-performance to make a good relation with someone with one coin of 100 yen, isn’t it?

An old women and her grand daughter



A young girl and her grand mother read happily the fortune paper beside the bonfire in the front garden of the Amanuma Hachiman Shrine. In today morning, I walked to the shrine to wish that I may be happy and healthy (and rich…lol ) all through this year. I don’t buy the fortune telling paper, but almost of believers buy it and the defeating-evil-spirit arrow at least. For young people, the visiting shrine in the New Year Day is one of the reasons to go out with their sweet heart. The younger boys and girls go out in the evening of the last day of the year to visit shrine in the midnight and to see the first Sun rising in the year with their school mates or friends. So all trains and subways and buses runs all through the night.

(The Amanuma Hachiman shrine, Suginami ward)

Décoration pour une nouvelle année


After the three days of sleeping in my bed owing to the bloody bad cold, I go out to find the concierge company setting the New Year decoration at the gate of the apartment house. The green needles like leaves of pine tree is the symbol of “forever green” and white ritual paper is the charm for evil spirits and diseases.

May all you and I have a beautiful year and could I write my greeting message to all of you in the end of the 2015!

(天沼3丁目、Amanuma, Suginami ward)
p.s. Ama-numa means Heaven-swamp. Ha,ha,ha…I have lived already in the Heaven!

My old postcard days 6: concrete mixer and a girl


A mixer car operator was washing the inside of his tank. From the place I was standing, and from the road the girl walking, the head of the man looked lost.
After then, whenever I saw the concrete mixer running through streets, I reminded the song,
“The ghost rider in the sky.” Yes I’m a hottest fan of Johnny Cash.

I love every singers who play this song, The Blues Brothers, Willie Nelson,Debbie Harry,Sha Na Na, Frankie Laine, The Shadows, The Scorpions, Duane Eddy,Roy Clark, Raphael, Tom Jones, Ramrods, Elvis,…..
Oh, I remember Leroy Troy who sings Ghost chickens in the sky. lolol

(市ヶ谷八幡下、the foot of the Ichigaya Hachiman Shrine,Shinjuku ward)

Flowers salesgirl


I am so cold that I miss the hotness of this summer. lol
And after the article of tomb salesgirls, I need to warm my heart up.
So I am going to upload a girl of the flower shop in Ogikubo, my new town.
For the tomb salesgirls, I smell the smell of death and con game with a kind of bad health of mind. I feel this working young girl only the healthy sweat and green plants.