15105-047 January 1er


03101003.jpg   January 1er , 2003

They visited to the shrine to prey their healthy and lucky life all through the year.

(神明宮、Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)



08101006.jpg  January 1em ,  2008

They bring to the last year fortune goods to burn it in the bonfire  And They purchase the new goods for 2008.

(神明宮、Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)


130101022cx6.jpg   January 1er,  2013

I stopped at my favorite coffee stand after a long walk of the New Years day.   This stand would be closed in the February.

(キリンコーヒー、阿佐ヶ谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)




15105-046 December 31


02c31013.jpg  December 31,  2002

This is the last shot of the 2002.   I’ve just prepared the New Year’s meal.

I’d already eaten half of the roll cake. haha

The first year in the security company passed.


07c31018.jpg   December 31,  2007

Japanese has a habit of taking Soba or Udon noodle on the last day of the year.

Soba is buckwheat and Udon is made of wheat flour.

We think the long noodle is a symbol of long life.


121231004cx6.jpg  December 31,  2012

In front of the Tempura diner,  the women called the people to get their Tempura and noodle.  The plastic bags with a name card are for the preservation.

This end of the year I couldn’t have oily food ,  so I bought only plain flour noodle.

(天丼てんや、阿佐ヶ谷北、Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)


15105-045 December 30


02c30007.jpg   December 30,  2002

I stopped at a coffee shop above the Shinjuku station to take a rest with a dish of cake.  The view of the evening sky and the town charmed me.

( 西新宿1丁目、Nishisinjuku,  Suginami ward )


07c30001.jpg  December 30,  2007

I don’t remember when I took this picture of mine.  It’s a picture for the identification card, sure.   I stick it on the face of an animation character which I got at a lottery of a book store.


121231004cx6. jpg  December 30,  2012

They would close their women clothing shop and a coffee shop in the back on the next day.  The old sisters had run there.

I loved their coffee and cakes to visit there at least once a month.  I miss their hot coffee and the atmosphere of the old Japanese coffee shop.

(Cobu, 阿佐谷南、Asagayaminami,  Suginami word.)


15105-044 Dcember 29


02c29002.jpg   December 29,  2002

The night my three tooth mends broke.  I made up mind changing the dentist.

But good dentist is very few.  Now I’ve lost six teeth.  Two years ago,  I gave it up to visit a dentist not to break my remains beyond then.


07c29025.jpg   December 29,  2007

There are about four hundreds Denny’s in Japan.

They have succeeded to make a favorable image for the family use.

I sometimes use this dinner beside the main street of Asagaya.

The evening not a many customers and kids played around their parents.

( The Denny’s , 阿佐谷南、 Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)


121229003cx6.jpg   December 29,  2012

Tako-yaki is a grilled flour ball with a small piece of an Octopus leg.

It’s a very popular snack in the central Japan.  In Osaka,  they have an electric takoyaki maker ( iron plate) in all of the families.  Why they love so much the tako-ball?  I don’t know.

But it is so good as soon as those are baked.  Once it gets cold,  the vapor flies away and the ball gets flat to be tasted bad.

(阿佐谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)



15105-043 December 28


02c28004.jpg   December 28,  2002.

I happened to take a picture of the shadows of a wagtail.

(Zenpukuji river,  Nishiogiminami,  Suginami ward)


07c28006.jpg   December 28,  2007

A picture of Seiji Togo and the view of the Hongo avenue.

I often stopped into this cake shop , The Alps.  Seiji Togo is a famous and popular painter in Japan.  I love watching his picture with eating a ….a few pieces of cake.

(The Alps,  駒込3丁目、Komgagome,  Toshima ward)


121228071cx6.jpg   December 28, 2012

I completely got exhausted to die at this crossing where I should cross for the last patrol place.  The head quarter  gave me bad information and useless maps the day before.  They said those were completely exact because that they had checked up with themselves.  Really, they only used telephone.

They were all liars like the Japanese government.  I started at 6:30 and at this crossing, at 19:30.  I had been wondering around the western suburbs of Tokyo.  It was the longest and hardest day in my life.

At last, I cried to them over the mobile phone,  “You are all liars and XXXX!  I will never accept the patrol job again! My stomach is bleeding again!  Can you say anything to me?”

I got so angry that, the next day,  I felt a sort of refreshment and the bleeding stopped.

(上石神井、Kamishakujii,  Nerima ward)




15105-042 December 27


02c27002.jpg  December 27,  2002

In the middle of Tokyo we rarely watch the ice needles.  In the suburbs the frost on the ground is common view of the Winter.  The dwellers in suburbs say they live with the true normal rule of the earth and we, the town dwellers,  are in the mad weather country.

The December 27 was the coldest day before the New Year holidays so that the girls didn’t come to the park.

(Nshiogiminami,  Suginai ward)



07c27002.jpg   December 27,  2007

In a shopping street of Asagaya,  I was astonished to be questioned by this little girl?

“What do you take a picture?”   “People.”

“Why do you take pictures of them?”

I can’t find the words….and said, ” I’ll take your picture. OK?”

“Yes, you can.”

(阿佐ヶ谷パール街,  Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)


121227022006.jpg  December 27,  2012

Nobody watch the seasonal illumination.  But without it,  I will miss it.

(Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)



15105-041 December 26


02c26003n.jpg  December 26,  2002

Do they remember these happy days, still?

I will never forget this park and these happy girls in the Christmas holidays.

(西荻南、Nishiogiminami,  Suginami ward)


07c26004.jpg   December 26,  2007

Japanese change their mind from Christmas day ( for them, Christmas day is only the evening of December 24….I call it a Christmas Cake Eve)  to the preparation for the New Year holidays on December 25.)   The Japanese sweets makers begin to display the cake for New Year.  As those are for the New Year,  we should have them after the January 1st.

But my handle name in the world of internet has been CAKETAER.  Once they display it in their show window,  I can’t stop eating it.

(栄太楼、阿佐谷南、 Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)


121226014cx6.jpg  December 26,  2012

They used the abandoned bike as a fallen leaves dust bin.

(豊玉中2丁目、Toyotamanaka,  Nerima ward)

15105-040 December 25


02c25008.jpg  December 25,  2002

Wild ducks in the Zenpukuji river.

In Tokyo,  the hunting is forbidden with law.   So the birds live safely in the town.

The Zenpukuji river flows in the middle of the Suginami ward.  The riverhead is the Zenpukuji pond.  The large park around the pond is the most popular bird watching place.  And the river is also good for bird watching .  I love take a long walk along the river with my camera.  And this is the first shot of water bird with the digital camera.

(善福寺川、Nishiogiminami,  Suginami ward)


07c18001.jpg   December 18,  2007.

I can’t remember why I didn’t take a picture on the 25.  So I can use the favorite view from the Asagaya station.

(Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)


121225002cx6.jpg   December 25,  2012

Early in the morning an old woman and her grand-son walked into the train for Shinjuku.  I listened their conversation.  They were going to the Mt. Takao.  The boy asked her to show him the ticket.   She passed it to him.

The Mt. Takao is now known as the most popular mountain in the world.  The number of climbers is the largest in this globe.  I used to climb there 108 times a year in my thirty’s.

But I was shocked to know many old people who live near the mountain climb it every day.  The height is not so high.





15105-039 December 24


02c24003.jpg   Deember 24,  2002

I loved and miss  this old view of the town from the platform of the railroad station.  The trees were higher the buildings and I could see the larger sky than it is.

(阿佐ヶ谷駅前、中杉通、Asagayaminami, Suginami ward)


07c24049.jpg   December 24,  2007

This fishing pond is in the middle of Tokyo near the Yedo castle.  The pond is constructed in the outer moat.  I don’t fish but like watching the fishing and swimming fish in all waters.

(市ヶ谷濠、Ichigaya moat,  Shinjuku ward)


121224001cx6.jpg   December 24, 2012

Early in the morning,  they prepared the sale of Christmas cake in front of a cake shop.  Almost of Japanese are Buddhists,  but they love the Christmas eve.   Only the eve.  They have a small family party with Christmas cake and grilled or boiled chicken.  Recently  the Kentucky Chicken chain gets a cosmic deal on the December 24.  I prefer turkey to chicken.  But in Japan they sell very very few turkey.  ( I miss the turkey burger which I ate at beach of California every weekend in 1995. ) So I used to buy only Christmas cake  in the afternoon of the December 25.  They discounted it.  haha

(  Cosy-corner cake shop,  Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)