15105-016 December 01



02b29001.jpg   November 29,  2002

I have no file of December 1, 2002.  So I explain the Wink shot with a snap shot.

(山手通り、Yamate Boulevard, Shibuya ward)


07c01003.jpg  December 30, 2007.

The Shinmeikyu shrine has big and good trees.  The red leaves were beautiful ten years ago. It’s not so good this year.

(神明宮、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)


121201003. jpg   December 30, 2012

She is Paseri,  a daughter of the vegetable shop near here.  I believe she is now alive.

The cat patrols around the market and this realtor has been her favorite stop for more than ten years.  They love her so that they made a big cat doll Paseri and set it in front of their shop.

(阿佐谷北、Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)



15105-015 November 30


02b30014.jpg  November 30,  2002

Wink wink wink.

(山手通り、Ymatedori,  Shibuya ward)


07b30007.jpg   November 30,  2007

This was the first time I ate the dish of Chaahan ( fried rice)  at  the Tairikuhanten (=Continent restaurant.)   Since then,  I have had it more than 50 times.

(大陸飯店、阿佐谷南、Asagayaminami, Suginami ward)


121130017cx6.jpg  November 30,  2012

The tide was rising.  Their canal home garden was barely above the water.

(高浜運河、The Takaham canal,  Konan,  Minato ward)

15105-014 November 29


02b29011.jpg   November 29,  2002

The Tomigaya town is lower than the Yamate boulevard.  So I liked watching down the town.  In a porch they were drying  kaki  ( persimmon ).

(Tomigaya,  Shibuya ward)


07b29001.jpg  November 29,  2007

I caught a cold and was in bed all day.  And I took this as a proof of existence in the evening.  Haha.


121129027cx6.jpg  November 29,  2012

In that evening,  I tried to take pictures of flying bat under a bridge.  Only three clear shots got I.

(高浜運河、新港南橋、Takahama canal,  Shinkonan bridge,  Minato ward)

15105-013 November 28


02b28022.jpg  November 28,  2002 Shoto Park


(鍋島松濤公園、Shibuya ward)


07b28003.jpg  November 28,  2007

The pavement in front of a kindergarden was covered with fallen leaves.

(中杉通、Nakasugi avenue, Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)


121127021cx6.jpg  November 27,  2012

I didn’t take a photo on the Novemver 28 ,  so I used the picture of Chashoo Ramen of the day before.

(十番、Higashinakano,  Nakano ward)

Bento 2017-02 Zuke-don


171127009rx2.jpg  November 27, 2017

Today the job was off at 12:00 AM so that I lost the place where I had my bento.  I walked into a coffee and beer restaurant in the Yebisu station to order a pizza and a cupof coffee and to ask them if I could have my bento.  They replied yes.

The Zuke is raw tuna which is preserved in sake wine and soy sauce one night.   In the Yedo era when they had no refrigerator, they preserved raw tuna in the soy sauce to find the taste would get better than sashimi after hours.  Of course, it’s a fool to have raw tuna as zuke which could be eaten as Sashimi.  It’s the way of preservation.  So we don’t need high price and high quality tuna for zuke tuna.  But for bento, zuke is the best tuna cooking,  I think.


171126029rx3.jpg  November 26, 2017

Zuke could be tasted after only twenty minutes or more in the sake and soy sauce.  Topping it on the hot steamed rice is knock-out gooooood one.

15105-012 November 27


02b27008.jpg  November 27,  2002.  Yamate Boulevard

Those years,  at Yamate Boulevard they held construction of  the underground road and the widening Yamate boulevard.  The dwellers used the empty ground as a vegetable garden.  Of course, now,  lots of cars run through the toll underground route and the garden changed the wide sidewalk.   In the white temporary building,  I took the picture of the day before yesterday.  I try to find the place with the Google Street View in vain.

(Yamate Boulevard,  Kamiyamacho, Shibuya ward)


07b27005.jpg  November 27, 2007.

Under the oak tree of the One Flower Garden, there rested several nuts which they forgot to pick up.  The passing by bicycles crashed them for a month.   I walk to the Asagaya,  at least once a month,  to confirm that the tree and garden are there.

(Asagayakita,  Suginami ward)


121127019cx6.jpg  November 27,  2017

The evening,  I visited the Higashi Nakano to have a bowl of ramen.

(Higashinakano,  Nakano ward)


15105-011 November 26


02b26002.jpg  November 26,  2002.

This cup was a present by one of my co-worker in LosAngels,  June Mary Coady.

One day I found a severe crack to use it as a pen-keeper.  And later, it broke completely.  I miss it.


07b26001.jpg   November 26,  2007.

They were going to their school by train.  The fallen leaves flew slowly under their foot.

Ten years passed.  What do they do now?

(The northern square of the Asagaya railroad station,  Suginami ward)


121126004cx6.jpg  November 26,  2012.

The bean curd Szechwan style is a common menu in Chinese restaurant.  Someone  got an idea to top it on ramen.   The bean curd Szechwan style ramen.  The taste is fresh and good.

A few years later in other restaurant I found a bowl of ramen topped with fried egg plant with Chinese chili sauce.  These new taste ramen have began common.  I like those variations as much as the traditional ramen.

(豊玉北、Toyotamakita,  Nerima ward)


Bento 2017-001


171125039rx3.jpg  November 25, 2017   @ Daimaru Overpass

It’s a beautiful day and the grilled salmon is very good.  I have a happy lunch time on an overpass very near to Yebisu Station.  The bridge is now under repair.  Only the workers can enjoy this view.

(三田1丁目、Mita,  Meguro ward)

15105-010 November 25


02b24004.jpg  November 25,  2002.

Two workers enjoyed  catching-ball during the lunch time.   The third worker appeared with a base-ball bat.

(The underground free way construction site.  Yoyogi,  Shibuya ward)


07b25005.jpg  November 25, 2007.

At the northern shopping arcade of the Asagaya railroad station  almost of the shops have been replaced with new shops.  But a few are still there as they were 15 years ago. The second-hand book store, The Senshodo Book Store (千章堂書店)opens everyday with an old mother and her son.  It’s happy to listen their quarrel.  She is too kind to the clients to discount too much and the son blames her she should sell books with the price he put on.   I like them so much.

(阿佐谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)


121125001cx6.jpg  November 25,  2012.

These 30 years,  I once had a dish of Okonomi-yaki ( sea food pancake on the grilled noodle).  This is it.  The northern corner of the Nothern Shopping Arcade of the Asagaya station is not so lucky place for shops.  The shop has been often changed.  No shop could keep it for a year.  This Okonomiyaki bento stand was not the exception.  I don’t miss it. haha

15105-009 November 24


02b24004.jpg   November 24,  2002.

In this old apartment house many poor young American tourists have lived.  They used a bed mat as a futon.    And I often saw they held a beer party on the Tatami-mats.

A month before , on a Sunday afternoon,  I walked passing by this place to find a new beautiful apartment house.  No happy English conversation and merry laugh reached to my ears.

(阿佐谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)


07b24020.jpg   November 24,  2007.

I watched an iron plate of beef steak with a glass of gin and tonic.



The restaurant is still at the same place.

(阿佐谷南、Asagayaminami,  Suginami ward)


121124006cx6.jpg  November 24,  2012

I have often gotten vegetable at this shop.  They have a beautiful cat.  But she took a walk around the town.   What did I get?

(阿佐谷北、Asagayakita, Suginami ward)